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Check here often for specials, new arrivals, and the our latest finds in estate, vintage, and costume jewelry...    This is also where we will let you know when we get in new shipment of Italian charms or we have another batch of our handmade jewelry completed....

Good news !  Our new order of Italian charms is in!  There are cat mood charms, Eiffel Tower doubles, hearts with an Aurora crystal in the center, bingo, holiday, pink ribbon, Red Hat, pink ribbon dangles...  We also have megas, keychains, starters and Italian charm necklaces too.

March '06
We now have hand-crocheted hats available.
Amanda is also working on handcrafted copper... jewelry. It will be on the market soon.
*UPDATE* Fall '06
Stop out to see the beautiful handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and rings featuring copper, semi-precious stones shells... & vintage beads.

Stop out to see what's new on our "dollar wall".  Everything on it is just $1.00 each.  You will find anything from a cute knick knack to costume jewelry that we've had around for too long.  There are some terrific deals here !

* Update * January '07
I now have a blog-journal. Check it for any future updates.

Jewelry News:

This is where you will find information about current trends in jewelry, dollar value estimates of vintage-estate jewelry, cleaning tips, advice...

Did you know that you should NEVER soak any of your rhinestone jewelry ? The foil on the back of those old crystals is delicate and if you soak or scrub them, you could damage or dislodge it. It is this foil backing that makes a "rhinestone" a rhinestone. Without this it is just a crystal -very pretty, but not a rhinestone. This would greatly devalue your rhinestone jewelry - not to mention it would lose much of its beloved sparkle.  

Jewelry that must be cleaned, should be treated gently.   Try this:  Spray a window cleaner onto a microfiber cloth, only until slightly damp.   Take this dampened cloth and softly wipe off your non-rhinestone/gemstone jewelry pieces.   Make sure the jewelry pieces are completely dry before you put them away.

Jewelry with Aurora Borealis rhinestones was most likely made in the 50's.

Men's Idea Corner:

Here are things to ponder before buying her a gift. Does the person for whom you wish to buy a gift tend to be flashy or subtle in her dressing style ? What does her social life consist of, dinner and dancing -or a video and microwave popcorn... ? Is there anything that she collects such as daisies, frogs, stars... ? Are her ears pierced, does she wear chokers or "choke at the mere thought of one" ? The answers to these questions and others could give you a hint about what kind of jewelry she would most appreciate getting. Also, ask her friends if there is something special that she has been wanting, but probably would never buy for herself. The key here is to do your homework. Get to know her style, her needs, her dreams... because a woman needs to feel special.

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